Monthly Archives: January 2015

New Year, New You?

I’ve always been a sceptic of New Years Resolutions.  They rarely work. Those that make it a goal to get fit in 2015 usually just crowd gyms for the first couple months than just miraculously fall off the face of the planet.

Me on the other hand, I prefer not to set myself up for failure.  I like to make goal-setting a year-round thing and for new years? Rather than setting a strict resolution, I prefer to make it a plan to learn something new in the new year.  It doesn’t have to be a big, lofty accomplishment…just something that I know will bring me enjoyment.

So this year my New Year’s activity is to learn a new sport…Tennis!

In preparation for this, I signed up for Tennis lessons through my place of employment (pretty cool…right?) and a bought a new tennis racket (of course it’s pink).

What do you think about New Years Resolutions?